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Roosebeck 38" Bouzouki 4 Course & Padded Gig Bag
Roosebeck 38" Bouzouki 4 Course & Padded Gig Bag

Roosebeck 38" Bouzouki 4 Course & Padded Gig Bag

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37.5 x 11.75 x 7 Inches


Bowl Shaped Variegated Back


Solid Blackwood Peg Tuners




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Roosebeck Bouzouki Sheesham Stave Body + Padded Gig Bag BOUZRN. Our four course, eight string, Greek Bouzouki is a beautiful instrument with a rich history. The fingering is the same as the higher four strings on a guitar, and the same as the fingering on a ukulele. The tuning, however, is different, the recommended being Cc Ff aa dd.

The Roosebeck Bouzouki has a European spruce soundboard, sheesham fingerboard, and mahogany neck. The soundboard, fingerboard, and headstock have beautifully designed custom lacewood inlays. The bowl shaped back options are sheesham, lacewood, or a variegated mix of both. The scale length is 26.25" (667mm). There is a truss rod in neck. Includes a padded gig bag.

The Bouzouki dates back to Byzantine times, and in Greece, was known as a pandura. It later became known as a tambouras, and around the 19th century evolved into the modern day bouzouki. In the 1960's, the Irish Bouzouki became popular in traditional Celtic music. The Irish Bouzouki looks a little more like a mandolin, and it is tuned differently than this traditional Greek counterpart.

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