banjira 44 Inch Deluxe Bass Dotara 2 String Bamboo + Gourd

banjira 44 Inch Deluxe Bass Dotara 2 String Bamboo + Gourd

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44 x 12 x 7 Inch




Deluxe Bass

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banjira 44 Inch Deluxe Bass Dotara 2 String Bamboo & Gourd. Do means two and tar means string in Hindi. The two string, bass is called a dotar. This deluxe dotar has brass decorations. The strings can be made to give a range of tones by applying pressure at various points along the neck. Simple and fun to play, this is a folk instrument made in the central coastal state of Maharashtra. The goatskin soundboard is tightly stretched over an opening cut in the pumpkin gourd body. A bamboo shaft serves as the neck. Two strings are stretched from a hook at the end of the gourd, over the bridge, to the tuning pegs at the end of the bamboo shaft. Length is approximately 44 inches, but varies on each item. Peg length also varies.

Unlike our highly technical American society, where we can expect mass produced goods that do not vary from one to the next, our instrument makers in India, Turkey , Egypt, China and Pakistan take natural materials, no two of which are alike, and create musical instruments that stand for the uniqueness of cultures. As a result, many of our products vary in size and look, but each is unique and bears the marks of the skilled hands that crafted it.

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