Remo 14" Irish Bodhrán Bahia Bass Head Black Tipper
Remo 14" Irish Bodhrán Bahia Bass Head Black Tipper

Remo 14" Irish Bodhrán Bahia Bass Head Black Tipper

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14 Inches




Internal Tuning


Tuning Key & Tipper Included


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14" Irish Bodhrán with Bahia Bass head by Remo. The deep shell Irish Bodhrans are available in 14" and 16" diameter and are designed with a 4.5" deep Acousticon® shell. Each drum is fashioned with an internal tuning system and a synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead. The Bahia Bass drumhead produces a soft attack and deep bass tones and is pliable to produce pitch bending notes. Remo's Irish Bodhrans include a hex tuning key and tipper drumstick. The Bodhrán is the historic drum of Ireland and is the primary rhythmic accompaniment for the folk music of the Emerald Isle. The Bodhrán is typically low pitched and is played with a double headed Wooden mallet called a cipin, tipper, or beater.
4 Stars
It seems you have to hit it hard to get much sound out of the head, makes it easy to play & practice softly. I have loosened it about a full turn from the 'factory setting' to be able to get deeper tones and more tonal change. It is not seemingly affected by humidity changes, I can play outside! I am still learning to utilize this drum's uniqueness but I like it.
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Reviewed by:  from Indianapolis. on 9/21/2010

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