Chandrakantha & David Courtney
We are Chandrakantha and David Courtney, a husband-and-wife team who are involved in Indian Music. We are based in Houston, Texas. We teach, perform, and have a number of recordings, books and other material recordings, books and other material for anyone interested in Indian Music.

Connecticut Pro Percussion
Master drum maker Matt Alling sells and repairs high quality classic vintage drums, percussion instruments and accessories from the period of the American Revolution through the Civil War and early 20th Century. Using age-old masters skill and time honored techniques Connecticut Pro Percussion is your "fife & drum" re-inactment and vintage drum headquarters.

Sheet Music Plus
Sheet Music Plus features all styles of music, for every talent level and instrument. Whether you're a music teacher seeking instructional titles for your students or you're purchasing music for your band, orchestra or chorus, we have what you need.

American Musical Instrument Society
The American Musical Instrument Society is an international organization founded in 1971 to promote better understanding of all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods.

Mr. Music Box
Featuring our world famous "Custom Music Boxes and Customized Musical Gifts" where you select the music for a unique "One of a Kind" gift idea, creating the perfect musical gift!

Ancient Lyre
Prepare to embark with me, on an actual "Musical Adventure in Time Travel"! On this incredible journey, I will take you back over 3500 years ago, to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, and to the mystically remote, Biblical Times of the Ancient Hebrews, & to hear once more, the Ancient, Soothing, Healing Refrains, of King David's Lyre.

About Music Schools Jobs
Music career job opportunities. Find a music job at About Music Schools Jobs

Daria Music
For the last two decides, internationally known folksinger DARIA has traveled the globe, learning, sharing and making music while building communities and encouraging a new view of hope and peace for all the worlds children. In the United States, she has won national awards for her children's CD's including a Parents Choice Award, a NAPPA (National Association For Parenting Publications) Award and a Children's Music Web Award. The songs she has recorded on her CD's have been used throughout the world; in South Africa in Teaching Tolerance Curriculums, in Australia in Respecting Others Curriculum and a special song she wrote about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is used in classrooms across the states to celebrate his life and legacy. Also her version of the Zulu folksong Here Come Our Mothers is used in many Mothers Day celebrations.

Esoteric Audio
Synergistic Research Acoustic Systems, synergistic research cables, YG Acoustics and more at Scott Walker Audio.

Early Romantic
The Early Romantic Guitar Home Page, an educational overview of the early romantic 19th century guitar: the period composers and instruments, and the artists who specialize in that time period and style today. The target audience is the guitarist who wants to learn more about this genre, but does not have much information or access to instruments - perhaps being exposed to it for the first time.

Play the Baglama Saz
So, you are trying to play the Baglama Saz? Great Saz Information. I didn't find much in the English language about how to play the instrument when I started, so this is my attempt to write down a few of the basics.