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Flutes and Whistles

  • Bansuri Flutes Bansuri Flutes
    The bansuri is a transverse flute from India. It is one of the oldest musical instruments. Several professional models.
  • Bombard Bombard
    The bombard is a small, double-reed instrument, similar to a soprano shawm in range but shorter in length.
  • Cane Flutes Cane Flutes
    Simple cane flutes made of bamboo.
  • Cane Whistles Cane Whistles
    A simple cane flute made of bamboo in various keys.
  • Duduk Duduk
    The duduk, a traditional woodwind instrument of Armenian origins, is a double reed instrument which has ancient origins, said to be from 1500 to 3000 years old.
  • Irish Style Flutes Irish Style Flutes
    Several models of the simple-system (six-hole) transverse flute, referred to as the "Irish flute."
  • Medieval Pipes Medieval Pipes
    The Medieval Pipe has a cane reed and is very similar to the rauschpfeif and the cornamuse.
  • Mijwiz Mijwiz
    Mijwiz is Arabic for "dual." This simple double-pipe instrument, is made of natural bamboo cane, and has not changed since antiquity.
  • Mizmar and Shehnai Flutes Mizmar and Shehnai Flutes
    Simple Flutes with cane reeds, called Mizmar, Shawm, or Shehnai; or be adventurous and try the Nagaswaram.
  • Native American Flutes Native American Flutes
    An ancient instrument of Native Americans played for soft ethereal sounds. Natural wood or synthetic finish.
  • Nay Flutes Nay Flutes
    Cane Nay or Ney & Kawala Flutes from around the world in lots of sizes.
  • Shakuhachi Shakuhachi
    The Shakuhachi is a simple Bamboo Cane pipes in low tones.
  • Slide Whistle Slide Whistle
    The slide whistle (variously known as a swannee whistle, piston flute or jazz flute) is a wind instrument consisting of a fipple like a recorder's and a tube with a piston in it.
  • Snake Charmers Snake Charmers
    The Snake Charmer is a traditional gourd or carved rose wood, you supply the snakes.