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Frame Percussion

  • Bendir Bendir
    The Bendir is a traditional instrument of North Africa, more specifically in Morocco. A snare adds to the liveliness of these drums.
  • Bodhran Bodhran
    The bodhran (properly pronounced bow-rawn, like Cow brawn, with a slight emphasis on the first syllable, is an Irish or Celtic frame drum with a head made from animal or synthetic skin. The drum may be tuned unless the head is fixed.
  • Buffalo Drum Buffalo Drum
    Synthetic heads on shaman style frame drums.
  • Deff Frame Drum Deff Frame Drum
    The Def or Deff is a Middle Eastern Frame Drum in numerous styles.
  • Frame Drums Frame Drums
    Simple shaman style frame drums, Persian Mazhar with jingles, synthetic heads and natural, from 10 to 40 inches in diameter
  • Frame Drums by REMO Frame Drums by REMO
    Huge selection of Frame Drums by REMO®
  • Kanjira Kanjira
    The Kanjira is an ancient percussion instrument that is very popular in South Indian classical musical performances.
  • Muzhar Muzhar
    The Muzhar is an Arabic style frame drum played like a tar or deff.
  • Ocean Drums by REMO Ocean Drums by REMO
    The REMO® Ocean Drum re-creates the sound of the sea. These two headed drums come with metal beads inside, which create wonderful sound effects when tilted or shaken.
  • Rain Drums Rain Drums
    So called Rain Drums create the sounds of rain and thunder from one drum.
  • Tambourine Tambourine
    Choose from dozens of sizes, shapes and styles of tambourines.
  • Tar Tar
    A tar is a single-headed frame drum. The tar comes from North Africa and the Middle East.