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banjira Deluxe Traveler Harmonium
banjira Deluxe Traveler Harmonium

banjira Deluxe Traveler Harmonium

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x 13.625 x 8.5 Inch





Body Material:



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banjira Deluxe Traveler Harmonium (Item Code: HMTD)

This deluxe traveler harmonium features a suitcase style body with a removable cover. There are 5 drones and 4 stops controlling the air-flow to 2 banks of reeds. The multi-fold bellows can be played left or right handed. Keyboard pops up for play, store in locked-down position for travel. When folded, the compact the size of the traveler offers a large convenience for anyone needing to transport their harmonium.

The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to 440 +/- 3 cents prior to shipping.

Item Dimensions in inches: 24.25L x 13.6250 W it is 11.75 tall when closed and 8.5 tall when open to play.

Accessories Included: Padded Gig Bag.
Drones L to R
#2E3, #4A3 #6C3 #8G3
Air Controls L to R
#1 Back Bank, #3 Front Bank, #5 Front Bank, #7 Front, #9 Bank Yibrato
Front Reed Bank Range C2 F5
Back Reed Bank Range C3 F6

DISCLAIMER: Some of the finishes are very impressionable, no pun intended. During the long transportation from India, the finish may become marred by the packing materials. These impressions are superficial and cosmetic. Impressions on the finish do not affect the playability or sound. Therefore we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.

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