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  • Celtic Style Harps Celtic Style Harps
    Roosebeck Celtic Style Folk harps for players of all skill levels from beginner to professional.
  • Cross Strung Harps Cross Strung Harps
    Roosebeck cross-strung harps are a multi-course harp that has two rows of strings which cross each other without touching
  • Gothic Harps Gothic Harps
    Early Music Shop designed gothic harps. The "Gothic" harp first appeared in France around 1350. It got its name from its elegant, stretched "Gothic" shape rather than through any association with the "Gothic" period which, in fact, started much earlier.
  • Harp Instruction Harp Instruction
    Harp instruction materials for beginners. Harp song books.
  • Lyre Harps Lyre Harps
    Roosebeck Classic style Lyre Harp with 8, 10 or 16 strings and spruce soundboard.
  • Mini Harps Mini Harps
    Roosebeck 8 and 12 string mini harps to play and perfect for home décor
  • Parisian Harps Parisian Harps
    Roosebeck Parisian Style harps that are both functional and decorative.
  • Round Back Harps Round Back Harps
    The Early Music Shop designed round back harp with soft delicate handcrafted curves