Mid-East Turkish Electric Oud Black and Mahogany + Gig Bag
Mid-East Turkish Electric Oud Black and Mahogany + Gig Bag

Mid-East Turkish Electric Oud Black and Mahogany + Gig Bag

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32 x 14.6 x 8.5 Inch





Body Material:



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Turkish oud with classic tear drop shape and bowl bottom. The Turkish oud is played in traditional Turkish and Mediterranean music and is known for producing a powerful, resonating sound. This model features a black and mahogany wooden body and neck with a beautiful shiny finish and includes a quarter inch jack for internal pick-up.

Accessories Included: Soft case lightly padded, pick and owner's guide

Important Specifications:

Item overall: 32" L x 8.5" H x 14.625" W

Body/Bowl: 19" L x 8.5" H x 14.625" W

Body: 21 staves of black and mahogany with a shiny finish

Neck: Alternating black and mahogany veneer with a shiny finish covering a spruce core with a mahogany veneer fingerboard

Soundboard: The sound board is spruce and has 3 round sound holes with a beautiful rosette carving covering each one. Includes a black painted wooden pick guard at bottom to help prevent scratching the sound board.

Strings: There are 5 courses of 2 strings and 1 single string, making a total of 11 strings. String width from left to right: (Lowest) .035," .035," .027," .027," .025," .025," .030," .030," .025," .025" (Highest). We recommend the following Roosebeck Turkish oud string set as replacement strings: RBSOUDT

Tuning: Suggested Turkish oud tunings (from low to high): E,A,B,e,a,d and C#, F#, B, e, a,d

Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 11 wooden pegs and 6 courses of strings. 

Nut: Made from bone. Neck at Nut: 1.25" W; Nut: 1.25" W

Neck at Body Joint: 2.25" W

Bridge: Black painted hard wood. Strings at Bridge: 3.25" W 

Scale Length: 23"

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