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  • Agogos Agogos
    The Agogo is an instrument, used in Brazilian music, made of two metal bells of different sizes. Usually played with wooden sticks
  • Bell Tree Bell Tree
    Graduated solid brass bells and hand carved stands. No watering necessary for these trees.
  • Blocks Blocks
    Tone blocks, simply wonderful!
  • Bones Bones
    Hardwood percussion instrument fashioned after animal bones.
  • Castanets Castanets
    Castanets consists of a pair of concave shells joined on one edge by string. These are held in the hand and used to produce clicks for rhythmic accents or a ripping or rattling sound consisting of a rapid series of clicks.
  • Caxixi Caxixi
    Caxixi are essential if playing the Brazilian berimbau, but widely applicable percussion for any style of music.
  • Chimes Chimes
    Bar Chimes, Energy Chimes, Hand Cymbals, Manjera, Talams, Tingsha Bells.
  • Crescent Clacker Crescent Clacker
    Shake your groove thang with this hardwood jingle crescent clacker.
  • Cuíca Cuíca
    Pronounced (kweek-a) Also known as a puita, boi or onca. Cuica, most closely associated with Brazilian Samba music.
  • Cymbals Cymbals
    Splash, Crash or bash your cymbals. Choose from Classic Style for Jazz or Raw for Rock!
  • Devil Chasers Devil Chasers
    The Devil Chaser, also known as Buzz sticks are split bamboo sticks can be played in or used to scare away spirits or nosey neighbors.
  • Donkey Call Vibra-Slap Donkey Call Vibra-Slap
    The Vibra-Slap or Rattle Clap is also called a Donkey Call. It is meant to emulate the original sounds made by rattling the loose teeth in a dried out horse’s jawbone.
  • Dorje and Bell Dorje and Bell
    In Buddhism the bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect and the dorje represents the creative, forceful, male energy.
  • Frog Rasp Frog Rasp
    Hand carved wooden imitations of the real thing. Make awesome Frog-Like sounds by stroking their backs with the large end of the playing stick. G-rrib-it.
  • Gongs Gongs
    Brass gongs for all occasions - Tibetan and Chinese
  • Hand Jingles and Cymbals Hand Jingles and Cymbals
    Hand Jingles include Hatheli, sleigh bells, Sonajero and Confetti Bells.
  • Kalimba Kalimba
    The Kalimba or thumb piano originates in Western Africa. It is also known as the mbira or likembe.
  • Khartals Khartals
    A Khartal or kartal is a percussion instrument of India. It is a block of wood with jingles. Two khartals are a used in one hand of the musician. These pieces are not connected in any way, but they can be clapped together at high speeds to make fast complex beats.
  • Kokinko Kokinko
    The Kokinko is a small percussion instrument that makes a clacking sound.  It can be clacked slowly or rapidly to add percussion accents to any music.
  • Monk Bells Monk Bells
    A bell with wooden clapper that bobs back and forth on a metal tongue creating a unique sound.
  • Monkey Drums Monkey Drums
    The Monkey Drum is two-headed drum on a stick with two corded bead beaters that strike the heads when spun.
  • Rain Sticks Rain Sticks
    A hollow stick that creates the soothing, relaxing sound of rain. Crafted from Bamboo or PVC with a wood grain finish.
  • Ratchet Ratchet
    The Ratchet is a wooden instrument that creates a loud clack-clack-clack-clack when spun.
  • Rhythm Sticks Rhythm Sticks
    Rhythm Sticks are also know as claves. Beat and tap together to create unlimited rhythms.
  • Scrapers Scrapers
    The Scraper creates a loud rasp sound when you hold the striker and run it over the washboard surface of the block.
  • Shakers Shakers
    Cabasa, Egg Shakers, Fruit Shakers, Maracas, Rattles and Shakere.
  • Sound Effects Drums Sound Effects Drums
    Make a variety of special effects sounds with this collection percussion drums .
  • Spoons Spoons
    Shaped like a spoon these percussion instruments can be slapped on the leg or hand.
  • Stir Drums Stir Drums
    The Stir drum has a beater that is drawn in a stirring motion around the inside to create a series of staccato clacks. 
  • Systrum Systrum
    The sistrum was a sacred instrument in ancient Egypt. Perhaps originating in the worship of Bastet, it was used in dances and religious ceremonies, particularly in the worship of the goddess Hathor, with the U-shape of the sistrum's handle and frame seen as resembling the face and horns of the cow goddess
  • Televi Televi
    A Televi is two small natural wooden balls filled with beads and connected by a string. One ball is held in the hand and the other is swung from side-to-side around the hand, creating a "clack" upon impact.
  • Tic Tok Clapper Tic Tok Clapper
    The Tic Tok Clapper employs a metal bar that slides back and forth ticking and tocking off the insides of this wooden handheld instrument.
  • Tong Tong
    A tong is 2 wooden balls attached by springs to a colorfully painted handle.
  • Wah Wah Tube Wah Wah Tube
    Get your Wah-Wah on with this unique sounding percussion instrument.