Paloma Electronic Shahi Baaja Silver
Paloma Electronic Shahi Baaja Silver

Paloma Electronic Shahi Baaja Silver

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11 x 7.25 x 2.5 Inch


Shahi Baaja



Body Material:



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Professional, Paloma brand, electric shahi baaja. This instrument combines a 5 string bulbul tarnag with and integral 10 string swarmandal. The solid body is made of toon wood (Cedrela toona).

There are 3 drone strings that run between the 2 main strings and the 10 swarmandal style strings. The 2 main string are strummed or plucked by the right hand, while the fingers of the left hand depresses the keys to change the notes. The 30 typewriter-style keys are coded black and white, similar to piano keys. The 10 drone strings are strummed like a swarmandal.

The instrument comes with all required cords and accessories and is compatible with most guitar amplifiers. There is a double pick up with tone and volume control. The instrument is over 36-inches long.

Hard case included.

Tune the shahi baaja to C. The 2 melody strings tune to G. The third white key from the bottom is your tonic C. The 3 strings are the drones; tune these to C-G-C. The 10 string representing the swarmandal can be tuned from low to high: C-C-C-Eb-F-G-G-Bb-C-C. You may find many tuning that work.

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