SOHO Acoustics

Founded in 1985, SOHO ACOUSTICS LTD. has engaged in many fields of business like electronics, communications, acoustics, and Musical Instruments accessories over the years. And we devote ourselves to produce high quality products products to serve our customers all over the world. 

Our subsidiary SOHO ACOUSTICS, stands out for the sound processing and conversation technology, product development and manufacturing which qualified us for the designated supplier to many famous musical instrument companies. 

SOHO ACOUSTICS has a team of highly qualified engineers and partners on staff. We apply and improve the present technology and develop more professional and practical musical accessories. With endless effort to improve our management and technology, SOHO ACOUSTICS is ready to brave any challenge. Through our tireless innovation, reliable products and services, and collaboration with our partners and customers. SOHO ACOUSTICS is taking an imaginative new direction for your music.
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