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  • Cabasa Cabasa
    The cabasa can be a beaded coconut or wooden with metal beads for a great percussion sound.
  • Egg Shakers Plastic Egg Shakers Plastic
    You get a big sound from this diminutive egg shaped maraca set.
  • Egg Shakers Wooden Egg Shakers Wooden
    Made of wood and shaped like eggs. With and without handles. Shake, shake, shake.
  • Fruit Shakers REMO Fruit Shakers REMO
    REMO® fruit shaped shakers in a clever display box.
  • Maracas Maracas
    The maraca is a native instrument of Puerto Rico. They are simple percussion instruments (idiophones), usually played in pairs, consisting of a dried calabash or gourd shell (cuia - 'kOO-ya') or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans. Also in plastic.
  • Rattle Rattle
    Not your babies rattle but a carved rosewood handle strung with cow hoof shells.
  • Shakere Shakere
    The Shakere is a handheld percussion instrument made from a hollowed out gourd, covered with beads or seeds.
  • Wooden Shakers and Sets Wooden Shakers and Sets
    Wooden shakers in rosewood, whitewood & fiddle-sticks.