Remo Dayereh Antique Finish TA-1402-81
Valencia Dayereh Frame Drum

Remo Dayereh Antique Finish TA-1402-81

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4 x 4 x 2 Inch




Brass Rings

Body Material:

Antique Finish


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Remo's Valencia Dayereh Frame Drum is a lightweight and tunable fits comfortably in your hands. Around the inside of the shell are mounted dozen of metal rings, that add a unique sound to this drum when played.

The Dayereh is one of the most famous frame drums in Persia and Central Asia having many different names. Remo's Dayereh features a Renaissance drumhead fixed to the Acousticon shell. It will arrived pre-tuned, however, the head mounts over an internal tuning ring which allows you to alter the tuning of the head.   

14 inch diameter, 2 inch depth. Includes tuning tool.

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