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World Drums

  • 2 Headed Drums 2 Headed Drums
    Drums with 2 playing heads Damroo, Dholak, Hudak, Mridangam, Tabor, talking drum Tupan and more
  • Bongos Bongos
    Bongos were brought to South America from Africa during the slave trade era. Today, bongo drumming is synonymous with the Cuban music styles known as changui and son.
  • Cajon Cajon
    A cajón (Spanish is a "crate," "drawer," or "box") is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front face with the hands.
  • Conga Conga
    Nothing takes the place of a well played conga. Ah Ricky,...Take me back to the Club Babalu!
  • Djembe Drums Djembe Drums
    African style djembe (pronounced shem-Bay). Hand carved wooden shells with natural heads or synthetic shells with synthetic heads. We carry a djembe for everyone!
  • Doumbeks Doumbeks
    Doumbeks crafted from metal, ceramic, wood or synthetic materials for an amazing sound
  • Drum Sticks Drum Sticks
    What can we say? They’re drumsticks. You'll need lots to throw to the crowd!
  • Drum Table Drum Table
    The Drum Table is a unique piece of furniture that is playable as a drum. Stunning accent for any décor.
  • Frame Percussion Frame Percussion
    Frame Drums in dozens of styles: Shaman, Irish, Arabic, African….Frame drums are found worldwide.
  • Jug Drums Jug Drums
    This ceramic drum is definitely not a flower pot! Played by rapping on the outside while covering and uncovering the holes.
  • Khamak Khamak
    The Khamak Drum is used for rhythmic accompaniment. This instrument has one head that is resonated by plucking the string that is attached to it.
    The REMO® Kid's Percussion Collection gives children exciting ways to make music and discover rhythm with their very own instruments.
  • Log Drums Log Drums
    The Log Drum is a simple hollow wood drum has a range of tones. For the sounds of the South Seas.
  • Lollipop Drums by REMO Lollipop Drums by REMO
    Lollipop drums are easy to play frame drum that is based on a simple drum design that has been around since mankind’s earliest days.
  • Mallets and Beaters Mallets and Beaters
    Mallets & Beaters for a whole host of drums and percussion. Swing away!
  • Nagada Drums Nagada Drums
    The Nagada Drum is a 2-headed goatskin drum with handle and curved beater.
  • Naker Naker
    The Naker or kettle drums are sold in pairs with natural skin heads.
  • Pakhawaj Drums Pakhawaj Drums
    The Pakhawaj is a two headed drum widely used in North India as an accompaniment for various forms of music and dance performances.
  • Pan Drums Pan Drums
    The Pan Drum is an easy to play hand drum. Natural skin stitched to a ring on a wooden handle.
  • Renaissance Drums Renaissance Drums
    A traditional military drum with a long history. Renaissance style drums have a tension rims holding two head, and a snare on the bottom head.
  • Sound Shapes by REMO Sound Shapes by REMO
    Different sizes, different shapes, different colors different sounds: a box full of fun By REMO®.
  • Tabla Drums and Accessories Tabla Drums and Accessories
    Indian Tabla Drums for students and professionals; If you love the traditional drums - try the electronic model.
  • Tasha Kettledrum Tasha Kettledrum
    The Tasha Kettledrum is a Bowl-shaped drum played with thin rods were first known in 10th century Arabia, the Crusaders brought these drums to Europe.
  • Tongue Drums Tongue Drums
    A tongue drum is a musical drum that has parts of the exterior cut, or slit, to provide for a certain sound when the user strikes a portion of the drum. Made of wood or steel.
  • Tubano by REMO Tubano by REMO
    A modern drum designed by REMO®, free standing the sound is similar to a conga.
  • Tuning Tools Tuning Tools
    Tuning tools for Turkish and Egyptian Tambourine, Bodhrán, Turkish & Egyptian Doumbek, Tabla, Dholak, Nal, Djembe, Ashiko and Pandeiro