Yaygin Saz

The Yaygin Saz is the result of over 30 years of mastering the manufacture techniques. The desire was to create a professional electric saz that could be used in the television studio and would provide superior sound quality. The Yaygin saz have been played and appreciated by masters such as: Kemal Arapolu, Motor Ali, Ahmet Koç, Fatih Doganer, Anthrax Mustafa, Mesut Celik, Murat Ozdemir, Krehir with Ismail, Güray Hafifta, Selahattin Alpay, Bedri Aysel, Mustafa Ugur, Sedat Ezen, Orhan Hakalmaz, Dindoruk Salih, Kemal Esen, Kenan Balsoy, the poet Mahmut Erdal, Orhan Ustundag, Ahmet Poyrazolu, Ismail Azeri, and many more.
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