banjira 36 Inch Bulbul Tarang Indian Banjo 10 String
banjira 36 Inch Bulbul Tarang Indian Banjo 10 String

banjira 36 Inch Bulbul Tarang Indian Banjo 10 String

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36 x 7 x 4 Inch


Bulbul Tarang



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banjira 36 Inch Bulbul Tarang Indian Banjo 10 String. 36" in length. Unique hand-crafted instrument with varying tuning, not to Western standards. This is not a Kentucky banjo. The case is integral to the instrument. 10 steel strings the 8 main steel strings are plucked or strummed with picks while depressing keys to change the notes. The main strings on a banjo are all tuned to the same note. It can be any note comfortable to the vocals. Then tune the sympathetic strings to a complimentary harmonic. Indian instruments are usually tuned for the vocals or the particular Raga or song being played. They are not limited to one tuning. The left most key moves but does not fret the strings, it is a vestigial key and plays the open notes. An important note about Indian Banjo quality In general, the quality standards on Indian instruments usually focus on the functionality of the instrument. The esthetic quality is secondary; Indian instruments often sound better than they look. The Bulbul Tarang is the most striking example of this phenomenon. Marred finishes, colors may vary, dents, dings, surface imperfections are standard. We do sort through the shipments when they arrive and take the most marred out of the first quality inventory. However, you should not expect an Indian Banjo to be un-marred.

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