MRC 30 inch Diameter White Calfskin Drum Head 6 mil = Thin
MRC 30 inch Diameter White Calfskin Drum Head 6 mil = Thin

MRC 30 inch Diameter White Calfskin Drum Head 6 mil = Thin

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30 Inch Diameter




6 mil = Approx. Thick

Body Material:

I Single Round Piece


30 Day Return. No return if soaked or modified.
Premium Natural Calf Skin for drum head replacement. Flat round white finish. mil = thickness is approximate. Please measure your diameter requirements carefully leaving enough extra to wrap hoop. We suggest an additional couple of inches be added added to the actual diameter. This is a natural product - expect slight variations. Natural skins are sold inchAS IS inch. No returns if soaked or modified. Questions? Contact Customer Support.

Available thicknesses:

  • Ultra Thin = 3 mil = approximately 0.02 of an inch Diameter or 1-2 sheets of printer paper
  • Thin = 6 mil = approximately 0.04 of an inch Diameter or 3-4 sheets of printer paper
  • Medium = 9 mil = approximately 0.08 of an inch Diameter or 4-5 sheets of printer paper
  • Thick = 14 mil = approximately 0.16 of an inch Diameter or 5-6 sheets of printer paper

    Important installation note.

  • Natural skins should be soaked in fresh water until pliable. We suggest you check the progress every 5 -10 minutes. The thickness of the head also determines the length of time necessary to make the skin pliable. Thin heads require less time to become pliable. Skins should NOT be soaked past the point when they are pliable. Over soaking passed the pliability limit will cause the natural head to break down thereby causing an animal smell and a head that is unusable.

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