Mid-East Cura Saz Dark
Mid-East 31 Inch Turkish Cura Saz 6 String Dark Finish + Nylon Soft Case

Mid-East Cura Saz Dark

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31 x 7 x 6.5 Inches




Cura Saz

Body Material:



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Imported from Turkey. The cura is the smallest of the saz family with the highest pitch. It has a small body and short finger board Overall length is approximately 28-31 inches. Usually 6 metal strings are arranged 2 per course (3 courses). Tied, movable frets.

A common tuning for the cura saz is A D G high to low pitch (thin to thick string, or bottom to top string) one octave above the baglama (bozuk duzen).

Soft case included. String sets and plectrums are sold separately. Wood coloring and decorations may vary from the photograph. Actual Weight approximately 2 lbs.

*NOTE* Please expect the high gloss finish on the Turkish Saz to show dimples in the light. A perfectly smooth, unblemished, finish is nearly impossible to obtain with the technology employed in the Old-World finish process. These are handmade and such dimples are common and unavoidable.

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